Posted on: October 25, 2008 3:13 pm

Fantasy Football Part 2

I know I've already posted this once. But I do want to know what problems you are having with your teams this year?

And why you have not tried to pick up some free agents instead of trading?

I have been reading a lot of messages today and it looks like everyone is having some kind of problem with their Fantasy Football team. I know how you are feeling just last week, over half of my team had a bye week and their was nothing I could do about it. But this week I'm going to have a better time with my team. Thanks to my Good Friend who took the time to give me some advice and helped me make my team stronger.

I know I'm new at this Fantasy Football thing, This is my first year playing I usually just watch football but I wanted to do something different this year so I signed up and boy if you would have heard the folks that put me down big time because of some of the picks I made at first,

I had to defend every player I picked and the sad part about it is being a 49ers fan I had not picked, not one player at first, Why you may ask it was just preseason at the time and the ones I liked got dropped before regular season so I'm the one that made the right pick at the time, I really liked Clayton but the 49ers didn't I wonder now if they still like making that decision.

But what I really like to know it why are some many having such a hard time with their Fantasy Team?

I'm a beginner so I know why I'm not at the top of my league but what about all the others who have being playing for years?

What make this year tough?

I'm asking because I care and because I'm still learning.

And I would just like to know what's happening, Is this year different than any other?

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