Posted on: December 12, 2008 1:30 pm

As I See IT

What is wrong with you?

1. Why can't you Pros's stay on the right side of the Law? You make all this money playing a great sport but you still want to do drugs, carry weapons, cheat on your wife, cry when things don't go your way. Wake up and Grow up I'm tried of the unnecessary crap from all of you!!

2. Why do you think you should get a free pass? The rest of the regular people in the world have to pay the piper when we do wrong why shouldn't you? Even if we can or can't pay the high price for a Lawyer if you do the crime do the time. Not just pay fines because that don't seem to work I'm not just talking about the NFL but in this case all sports you got Olympic stars doing the same thing too, just saying NO is not working either you all should Man-up and Woman-up and stop the stupid stuff!

3. The world is in trouble why because the CEO's, CFO"s, Presidents, and shareholder have been so GREEDY that they didn't think about the little Man at all not as long as we kept making them money now that the little Man has been dropped in the gutter and don't have jobs to buy even the simple things in life that kept them in Luxury everyone wants the government (that is the same little guys which is us again) to bail them out!! I say bump all of you, All the Millions and Billions of dollars you've made over the years off everyone else them you should be the ones to cut your checks so that the rest of us can  have the job. The way I figure this,  if the CEO.CFO.Presidents, and the rest of you folks don't get paid any thing for 1 year and use the money you would have made and spread it out to the workers their will be no problem and we would not have to bail you out and we can start back to living the simple life, Hey and for the folks who make cars that get $ 74.00 and hour should should have told your union REP to kept that info under the hat because some one who only make minimal wages really don't feel your pain they will be on the band wagon that's says LET THEM FAIL!! That was a dumb thing to do. And don't forget about how much we had to pay for Gas just a few months ago and How much Big Oil said they made off us!!

4. I know I lot of you will not like what I've just said but you know it's the truth!!

5. This is not about Politics it's just the Facts

And finally to all of you who think about calling me names because you don't like what I just wrote Stop, Think, and Hold up a mirror and then point the finger. And ask your self this question I'm I right or wrong!! Then you can make a comment that make you feel good about yourself?

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