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Posted on: December 29, 2009 11:48 am

Congrats Yo dudes! & 49ers fan 4 life

Congrats to you yo dudes! for your win in fantasy football.
And to me 49ers fan 4 life for coming in 2ND place.
This was a great season for me because last year was my 1ST time every playing fantasy football and I came in last place but this I almost won this thing if Indy would have let my QB play a little longer and my WR could have play I may have won but I do understand that with the play-off you need to keep your players healthy but all in all I did have fun but my 1 wish is to be able to go to the Super Bowl I've never had the chance to go and with no money in my pocket or for that matter no money coming in it's just a dream so I'll do what I do every year go to Church on Super Bowl Sunday and come home to get ready to watch it on T.V. with my husband. Maybe 2010 I may play Fantasy Football again and win the whole thing I'm not going to stop dreaming that 1 day I'm get to go to 1 Super Bowl before I die. It would really be nice if in the Super Bowl My 49ers would be the one in that game and win it all.
So again I say Congrats to yo dudes!

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