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Posted on: February 1, 2010 12:43 pm

SAD no more Football

Man I'm feeling so sad already after this Sunday their will be no more football and as I've already drop to all star where will I end up I don't really care for basketball and we still have a while before baseball which I don't watch that often and  the NFL draft is so far away as least it seems like it so what is a soul to do? I can stop by a see what everyone else is doing and talking about but I'll still be sad! Oh Where is the excitement going to come from I'm on FB but we don't talk that much sports because we are farming and playing other types of games and It's a loooong time before football again and I know their are others just like myself who are going to be wondering around looking for some way to bring that spark back until Football is back. I'm glad I do have NFL Net and I can watch the old games and cheer and get mad just like I did during the season but it's just not the same. So for all the Sad folks like me who are going through football withdraws you are not a lone it's a lot of us out there so Let do this just  post the word football and maybe we want drop down to far on here. That will be my game plan I'm going to post  a blog every so often with the word Football and see if I can stay up on my  level because I worked to darN hard to make all star and I'm not going to drop down pass all star just because my Football Season is gone!!

Go Indy win the Super Bowl !!!!!!
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