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Posted on: October 17, 2011 12:51 pm

Poor Sprotsmanship On The Lion's Coach!!

What poor Sportsmanship on the part of the Lions Coach I really don't think that was the right message to send your team. The Coach is the one who tells his team to shake it off, The Detroit Lions have been losers for years and just kept right on doing their best and now when you were 5-0 and lost your first game to my 49ers this is the message you want to send to all of the NFL!
He grab my hand too hard and slapped me on my back too hard oh boo hoo I think you should put your Coach on the bench for a while and let him think about what he just told his team about being sore losers hey even my folks taught me not to be a sore loser because you can not win all the time you just may run into someone who just might be a little better than you are!
And to the 49ers Coach if you know you are heavy handed then you should try working on not shaking hands so hard, I've had that done to me and believe me when I tell you if you are wearing a ring and a heavy handed person shake your hand it do hard and you end up with a ring print between your fingers for a while.
But that is still not and excuse to have your Coaches having a brawl or not to brawl on or off the field the sad thing about it is Your Teams The 49ERS and The Lions was trying to separate their Coaches and keep the Peace Shame on You!!

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